We attended the 2016-2017 season kick-off event at Pace University on September 10, 2016.  At noon, the FIRST tech Challenge Game VELOCITY VORTEX was revealed.





Res-Q Season Revealed!


Team members from the Bionic Gaels 5602 and Xeno Gaels 9541 met at Pace University today to see the game revealed for this year.

We are all excited for the Res-Q Season!!!

Yonkers Qualifier

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Déjà vu?

We were finalist alliance captain again!

This was the first tournament we competed in with our sister team, 5602 Bionic Gaels.  Congratulations to them for earning Inspire, and to our alliance partners 7488 The Vending Machine and 4654 Jellyfish for a great tournament!  We look forward to seeing all of you at Pace on February 8!

We learned a few important things at this tournament:


Plastic cups are an allowed material.  Who knew?


Running with robots, though generally unadvisable, is sometimes the only way to be in the queue on time.


I’m not sure what was learned in this moment, but it was probably something important.  Like the magic of physics.

Bionic Brouhaha II

We had a very exciting first tournament this past Saturday!  We were captain of the finalist alliance!  We would like to thank our alliance partners, Team 7094 Basementalists and Team 36 Wyverns, as well as our friends from Team 5602 Bionic Gaels for making this tournament such a wonderful experience!

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